Waste Water Project

In 2009 Charlotte County Florida needed to rehabilitate aging drive systems at the South Gulf Cove boat lock while at the same time providing safer operation to the boating public. The lock, located in a remote area, is unattended and boaters were required to get out of their boats to self operate the lock. The County wanted a new electronic control system where boaters could operate from the water to eliminate slip fall hazards. EHM provided a new PLC controlled operating system that could be operated from dock mounted control boxes and/or hand held remote electronic radio controllers. Additional EHM work included removing, cleaning, structural steel repairs, painting, and reinstallation of four existing miter gates as well as other lock repairs. To power the refurbished gates EHM installed a new hydraulic system and PLC electrical controls. All work was completed by the EHM team including custom fabrication of new hydraulic cylinders with stainless steel piston rods. The boat lock was only out of service for a few days. All work was completed “On Time and On Budget”