San Vicente Dam Raise Project

Southern California’s warm and dry climate has attracted over 3 million residents and their constantly growing needs for a reliable water supply are a constant challenge. The San Diego Water Authority took on a monumental task of raising water levels in the existing San Vicente Dam from just under 220 feet to over 335 feet. The project is considered the larges Roller Compacted Concrete Dam project ever attempted.

The Water Authority wanted a reliable hydraulic system with local controls that could open or close large slide valves that control the flow of water in and out of the new dam. EHM provided two complete package hydraulic systems along with 9 large hydraulic cylinders to meet their needs. One unit is to be located out in the weather and needed to be housed in a weather proof house that could still allow for operation and maintenance of the critical system. EHM designed and fabricated a custom house enclosure with a roll up door. All electrical and hydraulic equipment was mounted, wired, and tested inside the aluminum skinned house by the EHM team.