Hydraulic Actuators

  • Full range of motion cardanic ring
  • Non-lube composite bearings
  • Mill type welded cylinders
  • Corrosion resistant NitroSteel rod
  • Heavy duty marine design
  • 10,000 to 120,000 pound force capability

Electro Hydraulic Machinery’s hydraulic actuators are the simple solution to powering any linear motion. This unique cardanic ring mounting arrangement quickly solves cylinder alignment and rod buckling issues. The actuator is free to move in six different planes. All hydraulic cylinders are heavy duty mill type welded construction with  NitroSteel or nickel-chrome plated rods. These surface treated rods are a superior alternative to standard chrome plating or stainless steel rods at a fraction of the costs. Each actuator comes complete with a spherical rod eye and composite trunnion bearings that do not require lubrication. EHM actuators are designed for full load continuous duty at 3000psi.

Actuators can be made in any size or stroke to fit your application and are available off the shelf in 4 standard sizes. HiLo Biro hydraulic power units can be fitted to any actuator and are available with various control packages from 115VAC single phase to 460V 3 phase variable speed drives. EHM is your one stop shop for a complete integrated actuator package

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Actuator Specifications.docx        

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