HiLo BiRo Hydraulic Power Units

  • Efficient operation with minimal horsepower
  • Heavy duty weather resistant design
  • Variable flow VFD option
  • Three phase and single phase models
  • Load counterbalance capability

Electro Hydraulic Machinery’s HiLo Biro hydraulic units take advantage of an age old hydraulic circuit where a double pump delivers high flow at low pressure then switches to low flow at high pressure using a simple unloading valve. Both pumps deliver maximum flow to extend the actuator quickly, then high pressure at low flow kicks in when the load needs it most. This time tested unloading circuit has been used by industry for decades. EHM takes this simple technology to the next level by making it Bi-Rotational. The actuator is returned by changing the direction of the electric motor instead of a directional control valve. This same unloading circuit works in both directions without the use of troublesome solenoid valves and additional wiring.

The HiLo Biro is a heavy duty low cost solution that works great for powering actuators for presses, toggles, tools, machine slides, and many industrial or marine applications. These rugged power units come in a compact design available with either horizontal or vertical motor to work in small spaces at almost any inclination. Stainless steel reservoir and hardware make them ideal for outdoor use in marine environments.

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