The EHM management team is a story of two brothers and a sister who entered the market in 1994 with a timely initiative that would meet the needs of an ever changing industrial marketplace. After many years of experience in fabrication and distribution, it was clear the world was changing in ways that would create opportunities for people willing to build custom solutions for complex industrial applications. Manufacturing and distribution companies were getting highly specialized and had no patience for supplying custom solutions beyond their particular specialty. Electro Hydraulic Machinery Company was formed to fill a niche that would provide much needed integration of electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical power transmission products. Products and solutions made so simple that it’s hard to believe mainstream industry couldn’t follow.

Before starting EHM, Steve and Mike had 25 years experience in hydraulic system design, fabrication, and installation. Field installation of these systems in all types of industries such as steel mills, mining, food processing, power generation, and large civil engineering projects gave them a wide range of major project management experience.

Stephen Hanley – President

Electrical Engineer, B.S.E.E. University of Florida

Engineering Manager – 30 years (since 1980) experienced in electrical and hydraulic system design, fabrication, installation, start-up and commissioning, control integrator, PLC programming. Current duties include; corporate management, and supervision of all aspects of electrical and hydraulic controls integration with large hydraulic/mechanical equipment. Steve is also an accomplished educator of electrical and hydraulic principles.

Michael Hanley – Vice President

Florida State General Contractor # CGC1510885
Fluid Power Specialist, IFPS #25098
Fluid Power Mechanic, IFPS #18727
Fluid Power Accredited Instructor, IFPS #19027
USACE CQP Certification – Jacksonville District June 2004

Project Manager – 30 years experienced in hydraulic system design, fabrication, installation, and major project management. Current duties include; corporate management, estimating, supervision of installations, field setting of hydraulic power units and cylinders, VFD drives, and start-up commissioning of systems that power heavy movable structures. Mike is also an accomplished educator in hydraulics and pneumatics.

Joan Hanley – Treasurer CFO

Horticulture – B.S. University of Florida

Joan Hanley is responsible for all aspects of corporate finance, human resources and contract management.